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Incognito Graphic Design owner Michele Rodriguez

Hi! I’m Michele!

Thanks for stopping by!

Originally from Joplin, Missouri, I moved to Denver in 1998 to attend the Art Institute of Colorado where I received a B.A. in Graphic Design. Since earning my degree in 2001, I have been working full-time in commercial printing and doing freelance on the side.

From November 2006 until September 2016, I had been working as a customer trainer and technical advisor for a wide gamut of clients in a large, commercial print environment. I provided training and support in regards to color management, file prep, submission and best commercial print practices.

With this experience, I have an advantage most designers don’t!

Not only will I create something awesome but you can rest assured it will re-produce as intended! I am comfortable communicating with printing companies and am able to work as a liaison between you and them if needed.

After five years of growing my freelance “side hustle,” I finally came to a point where I was able to leave my “day” job in printing to pursue my passion of design. I will admit, it was bittersweet since I loved working with such a diverse clientele and wonderful company. But here I am!

In September 2016, I created Incognito Graphic Design LLC! Why Incognito? From working in commercial printing and as a designer, I know the “magic” happens behind the scenes! There is a lot that your audience doesn’t see that goes into producing really great work! It’s a science and I love all aspects of it! For me, my satisfaction doesn’t come from having my name in lights but rather in making you shine by focusing on your identity!

I’ve provided several clients with a wide range of design & production services that guarantee long lasting impact. Working with clients on various projects such as logo design and branding, publication layout, postcards, ad design and calendars, I understand the importance of creating visual appeal for your target market. Image editing and manipulation is another area I have a ton of experience in!

Perhaps you have a great designer building your project but are in need of some help with the "behind the scenes" work. Good news, I can help! I can work with your designer to teach them the production side of printing. I can review incoming ads to ensure they meet your specifications and are up to par for reproduction. I can work directly with your advertiser's to correct any production issues with their supplied ads. I can help with color conversion, retouching and manipulation of images.


I'd love to chat with you about your project! My design and production skills will take your business to a whole new level!


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